Friday Favorites


Truth.  Love this image by Lisa Congdon.

I've always admired Helen Keller.  The joy found here is beautiful.

This family looks so comfortable in this house - it really doesn't look much smaller than our apartment.  I think we look as happy as they do. ;)

We eat with our eyes before we actually dig in, right?  Check this out - amazing.

This video is so stupid, yet so wonderful and light-hearted in a time of such tension.

"There’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas." - Susan Cain   Yes!!  Found here.  I've just felt a bit quiet lately.

Made this dish for the second time in 5 days.  And I wonder why my pants are fitting just a bit snug?  I finally got around to pre-ordering my copy of her book- I've been waiting for this book for years!

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